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Launching your career in the financial services industry can be a tough challenge and it pays to be armed with the right tools for success. Centennial Financial Industry Careers delivers customized career ammunition provided by Frank Carr, a 20 year veteran of Financial Services Executive Search, a former Citigroup Banker and former Hedge Fund Chief Financial Officer

Our step by step process for college students and recent graduates:

1. Determining Your Career Path. I will explain to you all the different career choices in Financial Services and you can decide which direction is for you.

2. A One-On-One Deep Dive Interview. You probably don’t have much specific industry experience at this point, but you may have internships, pertinent college courses and projects, plus other activities that can make you stand out

3. Multiple re-drafts of your resume plus an enhanced Linked In Profile. I will work directly with you to make sure your resume catches the attention of hiring managers by using specific industry wording and phrases. I can also show you the key elements to make you a primary candidate of interest on Linked In.  

4. Elevator Pitch Coaching & Interview Preparation. I position my clients in the best possible light and that includes advising you about explaining your strengths in a concise statement.

5. Strategic Industry Introductions. I can't guarantee you a new job but utilizing my more than 4,800 Financial Industry Linked In connections, I can point you in the right direction.

We offer specialized financial career guidance to:

  • College Juniors planning their careers and targeting internships

  • Graduating College Seniors breaking into the industry

  • Recent College Alumni seeking their ideal job

Let’s schedule a conversation to discuss your financial career. Our modest fees are a great investment in your future career earnings.

Frank Carr, CPRW, Managing Partner

(203) 344-9531 ▪

Career Launch for College Graduates
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